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Education and School Management Systems:

The education process is a partnership between the student, the parent, the teacher, and the school, Sakhr's educational portal works to improve this partnership with an initial focus on communication. The stemming from its belief in the value of technology to the educational sector, Web Info Light has contributed to the advancement of education in the Arab world with the introduction of hundreds of educational software titles to enhance students learning experience and foster increased interest through the use of multimedia and other tools. Web Info Light Educational Portal is an integrated solution that serves to streamline school administration and management and improve communication between education ministries, school principals, staff, teachers, parents, and students, leading to higher efficiency, higher productivity, and lower overall costs. It is a virtual school community that serves as a meeting point for all participants in the educational process, anytime, anywhere.

Web Info Light | Creating a complete electronic portal, which works as a get-together center for all parties associated with the education process. Providing solutions to the problems pertaining to this process by automating all tasks and assigning roles to all parties in the educational process to automatically perform their jobs. Facilitating the educational process in an effective and attractive shape for the teacher, the student and the parent and the educational authorities. Providing fully integrated School Management System (SMS) and Document Management System (DMS) Enabling Self-paced Learning Management System (LMS) and Virtual Classroom (Synchronous Learning) (SL)